Friday 27 October 2023

Time to break all my rules. Sometimes I have to.

The knee’s pure agony. The war’s cutting deep slices into my soul. My lungs are well gippy and ah, look, my tomatoes are finally ripe.

Time to break all your rules. Sometimes you have to.


Crusty white bread. I never buy white bread, but today has to be crusty white bread.


Dry Cured rashers, 97% if you don’t mind. Haven’t bought bacon for two years, but that’s what we're talking here.


Unsalted butter. Makes no sense, you’d think, with the all that salt in the rashers, but I swear the toasted white bread tomato tangy rasher topped slices will taste better unsalted. 

Sugar in my tea. No, two sugars in my tea. Never put sugar in my tea, unless in shock or gravely hungover.

Noticed over the decades that me and many of my testicular brethren find Autumn tough on our mental health.

Maybe the mists damp down our spirits.
I call Autumn Male Depression Season.

Time to break your rules: two sugars in the tea; crusty white bread; dry cured rashers; unsalted butter and my own tomatoes.

And yes, hipsters, a little drizzle of himself the extra Virgin.

No ketchup; no HP. Not this time.
Just a celebration of me ‘matoes.

By god, it helped, and I need all the help I can give myself.

©Charlie Adley