Saturday, 15 August 2009

The agony and the ecstasy.

Being a Chelsea fan. 10 more months of this....

And this is how I feel after we win?

And two pints of Guinness, three coffees, two pints of Hooker and three whiskies. Or 4.

And a smoky bacon burger, fries and a shake.

Chelsea, eh?


Allan Cavanagh said...

I assume the bacon burger, fries and shake were procured somewhere along the way home!

Charlie Adley said...

Absolutely - directlty after leaving you in Neactains. Class act, stamped through like Brighton rock.

Allan Cavanagh said...

I should have eaten last night! I eventually found my head by the front door this morning after my headless corpse stumbled around looking for it. Booze is bad.

Miles O Tool said...

Have some ambition Chas, switch over to North London to the Gunners. Starting the season with 2impressive victories. Can only go downhill after this!

Large chips from PJ with loads of salt and vinegar would have seen you right for the next day.

Charlie Adley said...

Oh Miles, if you only knew what the Gooners mean to m and half of my family. Think Dev and Michael, shots in the back and partition, and you'd be on the right track.

As far as chips from McDonaghs, you're so right, but i tend to start there, with fish and peas, convincing myself that it's semi-nutritious. The Supermacs is a drunken aberration that's an unfortunate part of the ritual, but equally inevitable.

Miles O Tool said...

The beauty of the mushy peas from PJ's is the added strength to the next day wind. (I was going to say farts but deferred to your sensibilities). A mixture of Guinness, fried chicken and mushy peas can cause a depth of flavour that only stale brussels sprouts can match.

Charlie Adley said...

Explains a lot, as there I was blaming the vinegar I put on the mushy peas, and it was the peas all along, according ot Miles.

Since I normally just drink Jameson's these days, I suffer less from the black magic mornings.

But the two together, Irish nectar.