Friday, 22 January 2010

Lonely Planet's Ryan Ver Berkmoes guides the way to this colyoom...

Last Summer I was contacted by the Lonely Planet Guide's Ryan Ver Berkmoes, and had the pleasure of sharing with him a proper Galway afternoon out, which inevitably ended late at night. Ryan was a natural, slotting into the local rhythm and pulse as if a true Galwegian.
So I was delighted to see that Lonely Planet's Ireland Guide 2010, released two days ago, ran a wee boxed feature on the colyoom-as-was, as well as some auld Adley blather.
Of course they spelled my name wrong, turning me into Carlie Adley (the only Carlie I ever met was a 17-foot bronzed southern Californian Valley Girl, who probably spelled her name cArLi) but it's always good to get a mention, so thanks, Ryan!
Here's the slot, with typo intacto.

Every week readers of Galway’s Tribune newspaper turn to Carlie Adley’s column about life and much more in the city and the region. An unabashed fan of the place, Adley’s heart still had to be won over originally. He came to Galway 17 years ago after a life in London, San Francisco and elsewhere. He hasn’t looked back.
‘The city centre is the perfect size for walking around, chilling out and bumping into people’, he says from one of his favourite pubs, Séhán Ua Neáchtain’s ( p400 ), where he often has his afternoon office, watching the world go by while a movable feast of friends comes and goes. Later, after the pub? ‘Who knows – Galwegians don’t make plans. The perfect Galway day is one that takes its own shape.’
Adley’s perfect day includes ‘sitting on a rock on the beach at Salthill; watching the tide turn; looking out at the ocean and trying to spot one of the Aran Islands; just being calm; and appreciating the volatile light and weather, which truly offer a different view across to County Clare every day of the year.’
Visitors looking for the real Galway, he says, need to do the above, plus ‘do the pubs and music and you can’t go wrong. Galwegians will reach out to you and have a chat; the craic awaits.’


Paz said...

:D, funny cause its true,

dalooney said...

fair f%cks to ya big man!...Altho hadn`t realised Tigh Neachtains had moved to downtown Baghdad..between Iraq and a hard place...(smiley face insert)

Charlie Adley said...

Thanks Paz and Dalooney! A part of me finds it strangely sad how newsworthy the new Lonely Planet guide's release is in Ireland, but only because I come from England where such a thing would be invisible.

Having said that I a feel a bit proud and very humbled to be quoted as an Englishman about Galway in the world's top-selling travel guides. The thought of someone in New Zealand picking up the book and liking the sound of Galway on the strength of what i said warms me though.

What makes me smile is how all the local papers are raving about the great review Galway got from the book. For that I am happy to score some credit, as I and many willing accomplices who tagged along on the day made sure that Ryan had a great time here, making it easy for the man to enjoy Galway and Connemara for the wonderful places they are.

Hope all is well in Chile mate, and thanks for checking in. love to Da Hairy One.