Thursday, 25 March 2010

Every day in Galway is 'Bank Holiday Galway'!

The voting has been fast and furious in the last few days, and on Monday I'll be posting excerpts from the winning chapter (or 2) of my new book, 'Do I Love Ireland'. The chapter list is on the post below, so please keep on voting by comment.

In the meantime let me take you on a mental mission to a vision of Neactain's yesterday afternoon. My excellent friend and star of this colyoom, himself Yoda and myself were sitting outside in the sunshine, locked in fierce philosophical exchange about psychos and sociopaths, (like you do over a nice cup of coffee) when a man standing nearby asked us what day it was.

The woman by his side thought it was Tuesday.

Yoda suggested it was Wednesday.

I thought it might be Tuesday, but then I saw the light. It's Wednesday, definitely. Totally Wednesday, yep.

Yer man thanked us and went on his way, leaving me to wonder: in which other major world city could such a conversation take place between sober adults, without a single eyelid batted? We all kind of knew what day it was, but none of us was sure, yet nobody showed the slightest sliver of concern.

In other places they ask the time of day, nervous of late minutes and lost seconds, but in Galway, every day is Bank Holiday Galway.

3 days to go (but don't ask me which ones!) so vote with vigour, my loyal colyoomistas!

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