Monday, 21 June 2010

Am I a rotten apple or an old fart who just can't take it any more?

Is it really 2 weeks since my last post?  I feel like I've had 2 hours sleep in that time, and am incapable of thinking straight, bendy curvy, up the wall or around the bend. People coming and going, my house a hotel full of dear wonderful friends and loved ones, staying for a week, a day or passing through, up until dawn night after night.... time to flee to Connemara and hopefully when I return I might have something worth saying.

Head like lead, lungs of pain, eyes squinting in the morning sunshine and I am sooooo too old for this malarkey... but the Snapper has finally turned 40, the lengthy celebrations are gradually coming to an end and do I feel my extra decade? Like the ripened apple feels the ground as it falls from a great height.


Ian said...

JB's finally gone back to England then? ;-)
All the best

Charlie Adley said...

Yes he has, to return on 5th July on a one way ticket. he's found a place to live, a few job opportunities and will feature as the star of a blog post when I get back from England after the forthcoming (yes, another) mad weekend. After that, this blog will return to normal service, whatever that means... cheers mate.