Thursday, 12 August 2010

The oxygen is free!

Sliding into a taxi after one of the most cataclysmically bad days I've had for years, I start chatting to the driver, who comes from the Congo. 

Just like me, he has lived and worked all over the world, but arrived at a polar opposite conclusion. 

Whereas I have been lucky and found the vast majority of humans I've encountered to be good, he feels that 80% of people are bad. He says they all have a selfish agenda and are out for what they can get.

However, he has not lost his faith in humanity.

“When someone comes into my home, I welcome them and give them food.” he explains.

I tell him about my day, explaining how, at times such as this, I latch onto my 4 ‘F’s of humanity.

“We are all 4 Fs, my friend. We are all fallible, freaked out, fucked up and fantastic!”

He pauses to take in this theory, and then smiles. 
“Yes, and the oxygen is free, my friend. The oxygen is free.”

I thank him for his excellent counsel and tell him what my wise and good friend Dave Rainger said to me decades ago, when I was in a similar state.

“The sun will still come up tomorrow, Charlie!” said Dave, and as I relate this to my cabbie, he smiles and we share a splendid silent moment.

(By the way, to see the genius of the aforementioned Mr.Rainger and his partner in creativity, Jyl Millard, hit this link  and then visit his website listed over there in my 'worth an eyeball' listings.)

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