Friday, 25 February 2011

We need door handles like we need swine flu!

The Snapper lifted her beautiful backside from the loo seat and waved her hand past the wall sensor in Stansted Airport’s Ladies lav. It flushed. .

She held her hand under the stainless steel dispenser and was delivered a dollop of liquid soap, and then she waved her hands under the stainless steel taps and they produced water so that she could wash.

She walked over to the electric hand dryer, waved her hands and dried them under jets of hot air.

Then she had to grab the door handle to leave. Every manky germ left by lordonlyknowswho on her vulnerable digits and palm. 

What was the point of all that hygienic technology if the door still has a handle? 

Supermarkets, hotels and offices do the swishy door thing, so why don’t public loos in the brace of pathogen party zones that are airports and hospitals do it too?

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