Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mea Culpa- the emails arrived!

A qualified apology to Eudora - the emails that Eudora decided might cause me offense (see post below) appeared in my Inbox this morning. Sitting beside them were a few warning red chilli peppers, but after several days spent wanderin' the protocol prairies of internet and corporate ethics (oxymoron?), they made it through and free speech lives another day.

I will never appreciate being preached at by my own software, either with chilli peppers, highlighted texts or erroneous warning messages. The exercise is flawed anyway, as I don't suppose the world will benefit from baccy-chewin' bigots and rocking chair racists being told by their own computers that using the word 'fag' might cause offense. They want to use it because it will cause offense.

Anyway, I jumped to conclusions and was only partially right, which is a cowardly way of saying I was wrong. Time for software manufacturers to update their international abusive term databases and more to the point, time for this colyoom to move on!


David Rainger said...

They're still fuckers, aren't they though.

Charlie Adley said...

Sodding right David!