Friday, 21 May 2010

... and one for luck! the risk of stretching a point, I have to add a fourth example of the kindness shown to us here in Zakynthos. A few hours after posting the colyoom below, we went off to Gallinis restaurant, generally accepted here as the best place around. As we were leaving the heavens opened, rain lashing down Galway style'n'fashion, and we looked ready for a soaking.

Our waitress said she wanted to drive us back to our apartment, and please would we accept this bottle of wine from them as a gift?

A lift home and a free bottle of vino? Just what you expect in Galway...

Next colyoom will be less bloody smug and more down to earth, I promise..... but by god, it has done me good to rediscover the goodness of our species!


Ian said...

Hi Charlie!
Enjoying the blog a lot. John put me on to it. He's lucky to have you.
All the best from the fatherland

Charlie Adley said...


Maccles, great to hear from you - thanks for having a look at the scribbling. Pints over here in Galway with JB soon? After all, I came to Hamburg in... errrr... nineteen sebentyboobbly.... Traumtanzer, Jan etc.


Ian said...

I'd love to visit you and JB in Galway! Let the boy settle in first, eh? If all goes to plan, I might even be the last friendly face he sees on English soil...
Traumtänzer - bloody hell! All those (lost/stolen) memories. Got knocked down ages ago, natch.
Take care