Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Imposing Human Rights onto others is as paradoxical as this headscarf ban is dangerous.

This has been driving me crazy for weeks.
Day after day I’ve been hurting and reading the papers and hoping and praying, even though I don’t believe in God, but it’s not going away.

It’s so clear to me I can’t stand it, but because it’s being done by democratic Western European governments, all we Western European voters seem to think it’s okay to ban the veil.
But it isn’t.

Oh my good sweet Lord, it isn’t okay at all. Not one sticky bit.
Evil is not a word atheists use, but I’m allowing myself to stray here.
For crying out loud, this is dangerous stuff. We’re stoking up a holocaust, people.

Our leaders tell us that the ban is protecting women from subjugation by religious extremists, but that is nonsense. Of course, unfortunately, there are women out there who are forced to wear veils and scarves against their will, but much more importantly there are countless million Muslim women who choose to worship their God by living in the way they believe is appropriate.

They are not all dupes.
They do not all suffer.
Yet we believe we have the right to take away their right to worship.

Burkha shmurka, this is about the demonisation of a major world religion by the EU and the USA. Our leaders are off fighting a Crusade and we are sitting back saying nothing.
The Judaeo-Christian democracies of the West have decided that Islam is the enemy and Islam has taken up the fight.

But oy, once you start producing doublespeak about 'imposing human rights' on people, you know you’ve lost the plot.

Well I know, but do you? If so, why are you silent? These new laws will be passed in Holland, Belgium, France ... who knows where next?

Quite apart from anything, the notion itself is absurd.
My sweet old Jewish mumma used to be seen in the days of white gloves and Carnaby Street wearing her Hermes headscarf with pride. Ladies in Bradford, West Yorkshire will walk the streets of Little Horton and Buttershaw wearing scarves, head coverings of all types, from hair nets to cheap oversized hankies to yashmak, bhurka and hajib.

When I lived up there, in the middle of Bradford’s deprived Canterbury Estate, a Pakistani lass chatted to me in the drab half-empty Co-Op PriceFighter Supermarket.

“When I walk around in here nobody gives me a second look. I can see all you lot, the men and boys, all looking at all the other women who are not Muslim and I see them judging those women with their eyes, but me? What do I look like? You don’t know so I don’t care. I only care for my husband.”

For a second I wished she’d said “...and myself.” but she didn’t and then I realised I’d only been imposing onto her my own expectations that a powerful and happy woman would have a good self-image.

Maybe to that Muslim woman, self-image was less a matter of how she looked.

I’ve no idea, but I do know that I hate this policy; abhor this thinking; loathe these new laws. I despise the way it’s oozing out of page 7 of the newspapers, and nobody is talking about how we, the once great and wonderful people of Western Europe came out in the streets wearing yellow stars in solidarity with the Jews, who were forced to wear yellow stars by the Nazis.

We, the people, showed our compassion, our love and our respect of all to the right to worship, or indeed the right to worship nothing at all, and now we say nothing.

I'm not a Muslim, but this fight is for all of us. I’m a mutant Jewish Pantheist-Atheist who’s all mixed up for God’s sake, evidently, but dead clear about one thing.
I’m hurting.
I’m ashamed of Europe.
I’m ashamed of all of us who allow this vile degrading propagandist bile to pass into law.

Our elected Western governments are now talking about arresting tourists who wear the veil, so
I want to get a bunch of people together and go to Paris or Brussels or wherever these nonsensical rulings are first passed. I’m going to put on veils of all description and have them arrest this Jewish Atheist-Pantheist non-Muslim extremist for wearing a scarf.

Ban the scarf and the veil and all that will happen is that good Muslim women will be forced to stay inside their homes. That hardly helps their cause as humans with rights.

The utter immensity of the arrogance involved in imposing what our Western governments consider Human Rights on people scares me way more than being arrested by the Fashion Police. Hell, they should have knicked me years ago!

Wear a scarf and get arrested.
Please, let’s not just sit back and let this Crusade nonsense go on.


Ian said...

Indignant outrage in predominantly Catholic Bavaria recently when non-Christians (mainly atheists and liberal intellectuals, NOT Muslims) demanded that crucifixes should be removed from all state school classrooms, citing constitutional grounds. (The German constitution actually forbids the mingling of church and state, yet the C in the names of the conservative parties CDU/CSU stands for "christlich".) The crucifixes are staying, the argument being that free expression of religious faith is inviolate. I need hardly add that the same "Christian" politicians and clerics are in favour of banning the headscarf - in schools - on humanitarian grounds. And that's just the start. It'll be public places next. The rest is Geschichte.

Charlie Adley said...

Thanks for that ian - sad, fascinating and totally unsurprising. Nothing like religion and bigotry to flush out the hypocrites. Geschichte is our future if we fail to learn from the past.

And that's not Germans. That's all of us. The rest of us who saw ourselves as better people than them. Now we must be judged by the same rules and levels of expectation that we imposed on them.