Monday, 26 July 2010

There's more than one ecstatic person in the Snapper's life!

The Snapper was given a MacBook for her birthday, and has since become somewhere between absorbed and obsessed with organising 5,500 images of her life in iPhoto.

The natty face recognition software prompts the user each time it thinks it knows a person already, so that you can organise your photos into folders for people, times and events.

At our wedding party, somebody took a splendid photo of my excellent friend Dennis. Swept up in the elation of the day, his unique smile beams exuberant and radiant, his arms outstretched as is to say 

“Life doesn’t get much better than this!”

Trouble is, each time the computer finds anyone equally intoxicated by the joys of life, it now asks

‘Is this Dennis Quinn?’

Sometimes it is, but more often it’s simply yet another victim of the craic.
So Dennis, my man, it seems you’ve become her computer’s default setting for rapture. How does it feel?

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