Wednesday 6 October 2010

Presidential knee attacks opponent's testicular zone!

There’s doubtless a lot of people out there who’d just love to knee their least favourite politician in the groin, but not many national leaders grasp the opportunity to do it to their rivals. 

Step up Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, who was playing a game of football as part of the opening ceremony of a stadium in La Paz, against a team formed by the city’s mayor, Luis Revilla. Apparently Morales and Revilla used to be politico buddies until their relationship fell apart, and evidently the mayor had told his players to take no prisoners.

Five minutes after kick-off, mayoral defender Daniel Gustavo Cartagena slid studs-up into the president of his country, leaving a bleeding gash on his right leg.

As The Guardian’s Rory Carroll reported, the nation’s 50 year-old President “... is not known for indulging critics, let alone people who foul him.”

Morales walked up to the offending defender, showed him his wound and proceeded to blatantly and purposefully knee him in what officials delicately described as the “testicular zone”.

You can see it here,, but first let your Irish imaginations run riot, as you envisage President Mary McAleese sliding on her stately bottom towards the knobbly hairy knees of a shorts-clad Brian Cowen. Gasp with delight as she lands a kidney-exploding dose of crushing pain onto the stout defender of the rich and reckless’ prize bollocks.

Ah me, if only. 


Paz said...

I think nearly all Ireland would relish that video, Biffo being levelled by Mary, knocking one turd with two stones if you will. :D

Charlie Adley said...

Absolutely! ~since I wrote that my mind has been performing mad fantasies of politcial soccer violence, with Michael D. Higgins tackling Mary Hanafin from behind (ooerrmisiss!), while Michael Gormless is being sent off for diving in the box.

Ciaran said...

I wouldn't mind a game of soccer against your good old Queen Liz, Prince Charles and company, either. Now that would be worth a red card.

Charlie Adley said...

That'd be playing the Germans away from home!