Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Brian C. 4 Dave C. forever.


Dear Smiley-Smooth-Skin Davie C,

C’mere to me now and tell me you’re not loving winning dat election a while back, eh, eh, eh? Jaize isn’t it great now, to be be in power! And sure, haven’t you gone and got yourselves a cuddly coalition bunny, jus’ like myself. C’mere, amn’t they da sure, da da da sure da da da, just da sows nipples, dya know.

So here’s da ting, like. Bin tinking and you know how it goes. Can’t live with ye can’t live widout ye. 800 feckin years of oppression, and now there here we are, the whole world gone mad, and us thinking like, how, well, jaize, dunno but we kinda miss ya, dja know da way?. 

So what I was tinking was like, if we could have our own, dya know, Irish version of da notes, wass da chances of taking us back into de old Sterling again? 

Couldn’t be doing da Queen, to be fair, you understand. But but we could have say say, say Bono on da 50s and say Dana on the 20s. Sure, we could even have JFK on da 10s. Yanks’d like dat. Could be a nice little spinner, all on its own. So what dya say? To be fair, now, to be fair to be fair, ‘twas you we didn’t like. Yer money was fine. So whadya say?

Love to Bunny Clegg. Bunny Gormley said something too.

Missing you across da miles,
Big Bri Lovelips.


Paz said...

was out in Engerland for a couple of days, after hearing the news the guys out there asked me what I thought about joining the commonwealth again.
Only wished I was out there this morning to say 'Bonjour, fella'.

Charlie Adley said...

Jeeze mate, another arcane, corrupt and decaying institution (see: the Dail; tribunals etc.) like the Commonwealth is the last thing you need! Bonjour is right, as you say - there was that twerpy Tory chancellor offering the Irish twentbilliothreppenny trillion, and still it's the IMF and the ECB that Irleand turns too.

Mind you... mmm .... cheeeeeese ... think of all that cheeeeese....