Sunday, 16 January 2011

...more lame excuses, like having to make a living!

This colyoom has been nothing short of abysmally occasional in recent weeks, and now I’m begging the indulgence of my colyoomistas once more.

Trouble is that I have to make a living, and if I’m going to sell freelance writing at a time such as this, with my beautiful home country gone bonkers and bankrupt, then I have to seek out new markets, explore strange new editors ... new magazine formats ... to boldly sell where this scribbler has never sold before....

So, having successfully defined and limited myself as a sad nerd of scary proportions (physically and mentally), I now need to apply all my creative wotsits and focus my synaptical loop-de-loops on my work. So at the moment there’s very little amusing and nonsensical shite left over to share with you, but it will return, soon and stronger.

Hence I'm now signing off for a week or two, unless there’s any of ye out there who’d like an ancient short story, maybe chopped into readable episodic chunks, to bide the time?


Paz said...

Its tough out there, we'll forgive you

Jeanne said...

I'll miss your words. But I know you'll be back, so I'll have to treasure the memories and re-read some of your older posts until then. May the freelance force be with you!

Charlie Adley said...

A million apologies to you, Paz and Jeanne, for not replying to your comments -I have been out of the country, and (striking aerlingus staff notwithstanding)will be back home on Tuesday.

Needless to say, there will be new blogposts very soon. However much I try, I just can´t stop my scribbling buds tickling the keys for very long, so watch this space over the next week, and thanks for your very kind words and support!