Thursday, 6 January 2011

What sounds sadder than 'A game in hand over Sunderland'?

Chronically sad that my first post of the new year is about football, and apologies to those readers who know not and care less about the game, but I know that many of my loyal colyoomistas are soccer fans, so for those aficionados, this little ditty will clearly appear worthy.

Such is the woeful form of my beloved team at the moment that, having watched Chelsea lose last night to the lowliest team in the league, I found myself today recounting to my barber how the Snapper tried to make herself feel better by saying:

“Well, at least we have a game in hand over Sunderland.”

Being a die-hard Gooner (Arsenal fan), my barber immediately saw the tragedy and humour in this utterance, and sucking each drop of lifeblood from it, he responded to every subsequent word let slip from my mouth:

“Well, look at the bright side. At least you’ve got a game in hand over Sunderland!”

Ay ay caramba. The shame; the ignominy.

Bloody Gooners. Hate ‘em.

Anyway, next time, I promise, I’ll be scribbling about life and gordknowswot as usual, but I just had to let this one out of the (onion) bag.


Paz said...

could be worse I support the Pool

Charlie Adley said...

I had no idea!± Sorry about that Paz. Are you a fan of Roy, or after another man?

Paz said...

its a bit like being a parent whose last few kids turned out to be a huge disapointment, you just hope this one isn't. Yet you're afraid to love them in case they are. :P
Its like Shankly said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.” :D

snapper said...

What sounds sadder? Losing to Wolves...

Charlie Adley said...

Paz - Raffa was so in infantile and paranoid he did my head in - I think he went completely gaga in the job, and actually had a mental breakdown after his notorious 'fact' rant.

Actually, maybe the Liverpool job really does send managers mad - Roy seemed like a nice boy, and last year he was a star man, yet now he too looks puffed up, knackered out and run down.

As far as the Snapper's comment, well, both Chelsea and Liverpool lost to Moity Micks marauders (although the 'pool lost at home!)- and if you're talking about managers I can't stand, Mr. McCarthy is way up there at the top of my league! So yeh, losing to him really hurt.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ian said...

Wolves supporter here. (Can't be helped - I was born there.)
MM really is an intensely annoying man, and I spent a lot of my youth with professional Yorkshiremen, so I've seen a few! My 'friends' back home in Blighty like to comfort me with comments like "Your lot played well, so to lose 3-0 seems a bit harsh." Yeah right, thanks mate.
We've only got Man Utd and Arsenal over the next couple of weeks. What could possibly go wrong?

Charlie Adley said...

Trouble is, Mick's good at being Mick, does 'is job, and always finds something to blame.

He was also good at chatting up the Snapper in a Galway restaurant, back when he was Ireland manager, ignorantly leaning across me to lead lewd to my date with his chin. i pondered whacking him on his nose, but thought it might actually make it look better.