Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 years ago. 3 young men. 1 west London flat. 5 songs - Welcome to Non-Stop Jeep!

Non-Stop Jeep are/were:
David Rainger - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Production, General Genius.
David Ramseyer - Saxaphone, Vocals, Backing Vocals.
Charlie Adley - Chinese drum, Percussion, Backing Vocals.

Songs: The Driving Instructor; Regardez Cette Montagne La-Bas; Hymn To Beer; Rocking Instrumental; Welcome To The Island.  With thanks to Bob Newhart and Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds


H said...

Shocked I am! Heavy grooves on a couple of those tracks; a sort of experimental psychedelia funk.
That is wicked! I'm proud of you in a whole new way drummer boy... but what I don't get is: 30 years ago you were only 8 or 9! Genius!
Rock on!

Charlie Adley said...

Why thanks Slocanniest One! And my but you flatter me with the age thang: 30 years ago I was 21 and well able to know better - which evidently and thankfully I clearly didn't!