Wednesday 27 July 2011

Everybody Hates A Told-You-So #2: This iconic colyoom was onto the iconic abuse of the word iconic before it became an iconic way of iconic life!

On a lighter note, but no less iconic than the collapse of the single currency, You Read It In This Colyoom FIRST Productions reveals my iconic finger oh-so early on the iconic pulse
Wish I’d been wrong, but way back on 17th March, 2009, this colyoom declared:

It’s official. The word ‘iconic’ has just become iconic. It’s an iconic word. Pure iconic.

Our 21st century culture craves ultimates as if there indeed is no tomorrow. The God of Greed no longer sits up high on Mount Olympus, so you need to find a new inspiration, seeking hyperbole and exaggeration where adjectives and a varied vocabulary used to do a fair job.

It’s no longer sufficient for anything to be unique, special, vital or extraordinary.
If it’s not iconic it’s not worth a busted light bulb.

In the past few days I have heard Salt and Vinegar being described as an iconic crisp flavour; Granny Smiths declared an iconic apple variety, and Charlie Haughey referred to as an iconic leader.

Tell me pray, where does cheeky Charlie’s iconic photo fit on the iconic Irish dresser? Somewhere between the Pope and Jacks Kennedy and Charlton?

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